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Weekend of the 18th & 19th August 2018 the Bedfordview Bowling Club hosted the first of its kind Gauteng open inter district tournament for the disabled bowlers.

To kick off the new tournament it was by invitation to Gauteng North, Ekurhuleni, JBA and Sables to enter 4 players totalling 16 players. So each district had an A and B team which could be changed around after each game if required.

The format of bowls played was 3 bowl pairs of 18 ends. 2 games played on the Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

The quality of bowls played over the weekend was outstanding. The comradeship and chirps on the green made the tournament fantastic. There were new bowlers. Bowlers who have won Gold, Silver and Bronze at a National level and a bowler who had won the gold at Common Wealth Games, this what makes bowls so awesome.

The main reason I introduced the inter district tournament was to get the disability bowlers together more often than once a year with the only tournament played being the Disability Nationals. Going forward our goals are to have 4 inter districts per year. If we are able to grow the numbers I would like to see a 5 person team consisting of 2 bowl trips and 3 bowl pairs.

The teams played the weekend were as follows;

Gauteng North Team; Gustav Van Der Merwe, Nathan Dwinger, Chris Reyneke, Bosman Olivier.

Sables Team; Billy Blignaut, Mandy Latimore, Pietro Caliochio, Jill Pearson.

Ekurhuleni Team; Gareth Rees-Gibbs, Desmond Main. Jarid James, Neill Liddiard.

JBA Team; Roger Hagerty, Glenn Mackintosh, Dudley Saunders, Lee Van Apeldoorn.

After the weekend bowls the results were as follows;

1st Gauteng North.

2nd Ekurhuleni

3rd JBA

4th Sables

We thank the following sponsors;

Warwick Wealth for the cash donation of R2500.00

Neill Liddiard for the Floating Trophy presented to Gauteng North

Glenn Mackintosh for the medals presented to each player of the tournament

Helpers; Owen James, Jenny Main

Umpire; Sonia Saunders

Bedford Bowling Club