Urgent Circulars

Urgent circulars regarding Covid-19 are available.   Read more

Mixed 2 Bowl Trips Tournament

The initial draws for the inaugural Mixed 2 Bowl Trips tournament are available .   Read more
Updated 23rd November with revised dates

Gauteng Challenge 2021

The side to represent the JBA at the Gauteng Challenge has been selected. Congratulations to all the players.
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Mens Mid-week League

The week 5 results for the Mens Mid-week League are available.   Read more
Updated 27th November

Ladies Seniors Association

The final results for the Ladies Seniors Association tournament are available.   Read more
Updated 11th November - Week 8

Linden Grinch Day

Linden BC will be kicking off the festive season with a Grinch Day.   Read more

JBA Circulars

This season's circulars are now available in the News section.   Read more
An archive is also being added.

World Bowls Publication

The November edition of the World Bowls publication, Inside Bowls is available.  Read more